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river city pride history

River City Pride is an organization founded to serve the LGBTQ+ community in Evansville Indiana and surrounding areas. It is our focus to provide a safe, loving and a accepting environment and to promote awareness, understanding and diversity.   In the past the LGBTQ+ community has gathered in local celebrations during the summer months to celebrate pride. We came together by forming street fairs, joined in AIDS walks, and gathered to celebrate pride at local nightclubs. We established our organization in the year of 2018 and formed a Non- profit organization called River City Pride Inc, in hopes to put down solid roots and secure a place in our community in a prominent position among other cities, and to celebrate pride history right here in Evansville Indiana. River City Pride hosted their first ever Pride event on June 22, 2019. The event was held at Haynie's corner in the art district of downtown Evansville.  Pictured here are the founding officers and board members of River City Pride. Emil Lamar founder of River City Pride, Don Hoffner President, Charles Baker Vice President, Yvon Lauren Public Relations, Alex Erwin Secretary, Elizabeth Swain  Treasurer, Kirk Lamar Craft and vendor contact representative.