River City Pride, Evansville, IN

River City Pride, Evansville, IN

River City Pride, Evansville, INRiver City Pride, Evansville, IN

Pride Prom Canceled

 As  a community focused organization, public health and well-being are some  of our top priorities. That being said, it is with heavy hearts that we  must announce that Pride Prom will have to me moved and our public  meetings postponed. Following guidelines will help to reduce any risk to  the greater community, and this will give us an opportunity to reflect  and build. We will keep you updated along the way with any new  information and the rescheduling of events such as Prom. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We love you always!

Mission Statement

 To unite, educated, and serve the LGBTQ+ and supportive members of the community In Evansville and surrounding areas. To celebrate and advocate our history while providing a safe space for networking and outreach where all who attend may be themselves.